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The Future of Commercial Lighting

A Look Back What did the inventors of the florescent light say in the mid-1930s’s when they installed their first system?  Did they think it was awesome?  Did they imagine nearly four generations would use it as their primary space illumination source?  Would they be horrified?  I hope so.  In my work on commercial buildings, I’ve never heard anyone say good things about florescent lighting.  Are there nice class A b...

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A Platformatics View of IoT (Internet of Things)

It All Starts with Use Cases IoT is an outcome from the drive to applify everything useful.  While building network solutions that reduce energy consumption of commercial buildings, data centers and cities, I learned early that successful solutions require a sound understanding of the customer use case.  Without this, success is accidental—and rarely achieved.  Though this lesson is obvious, in the history of product deve...


A Little Background on Platformatics

The Platformatics team is creating a platform for IoT application innovation.  We’re building solutions that enable us to serve as the Master System Integrators’ Master System Integrator.  Our purpose is to make it easy for IT and Electrical System Integrators (those folks you see driving ladder topped white vans) to design, build and operate commercial buildings, by giving them better tools and flexible software systems that enable the sim...