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Power & Versatility

Our PoE System

Poe System Schematic
Platformatics Area Controller

Our PoE server makes commissioning fast & simple. The PAC can group lights by zone and assign lights to wall stations, or other sensors.

Power & Control

The switch connects to the light nodes by way of an ethernet cable, enabling the transfer of power and data in one cable.

Enabling Smart Devices

Our light node offers a quick connection to PoE-ready luminaires.

Intuitive Lighting Control

Access system user software from any web-enabled device.

Compatible Products

Ethernet Switches that provide power and communication to Platformatics nodes.

With over 75 products, Williams offers a wide range of PoE-ready luminaires to effectively illuminate any environment. From troffers and downlights to high bay and continuous styles, Williams enables complete building integration with networked lighting.

Intelligent lighting control relay panel that enables circuit-level control for energy and cost savings. Platformatics Sequence of Operations automates plug load control and scheduling.

Ethernet Switch that provides power and communication to Platformatics nodes.

Gunshot detection sensors enable the Platformatics system to notify appropriate personnel when a gunshot is detected. Color beacons can also be activated in response to gunshot detection.



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