Multi-Location Retail

Consistent shopper experience and security optimized

The retail environment is having a resurgence with brands who are learning how to provide a more meaningful experience for shoppers. You have to give them a reason to come into the store, and engage with them while they are there.

With our sensors and data collection capabilities, you can leverage what you learn to provide people a more entertaining or educational shopping experience using an integrated IoT platform.

In addition to serving your customers, our technology can also integrate with your security system to provide a bolstering effect to your existing capabilities. Create a more dynamic approach to stopping theft and preventing loss.

PoE is especially helpful for businesses with multiple locations. We create a consistent technology solution as well as expandability.

Property Aggregation

Collecting data on multiple buildings enables analytics to make holistic efficiency decisions.

Boost Profits

Merge lighting information and business transactions to optimize lighting and space conditioning to maximize sales.

Automated Operations

Automatic remote monitoring ensures that sensors and emergency lighting are always compliant.

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Arvest Bank project

Arvest is a regional retail banking chain in the Midwest of the United States. They have integrated over 30,000 square feet of their properties with PoE technology and Platformatics products. The company is very interested in aggregating data across multiple properties to understand how space is utilized.

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